This page expounds a bad experience I had with a client.

I've been in the graphic arts business for almost 8 years, with a rating of 100% on PeoplePerHour platform. I do not give negative feedback to clients, but had to make an exception to prevent other freelancers from being scammed. A mild summary of this scam would be unpaid samples.

So, the project was a tattoo design. Client invited me and I sent the following proposal.

Matt_ Scam 1.jpg

The link detached in green ( has a very detailed description of my workflow and examples of my style. There’s no unpleasant surprise at all when hiring my services.

We discussed details and I asked the measurements of the part of the body where the tattoo would be made. This information defines price and bases the sketch.

I had to ask the same thing 3 times before he seems to understand.

Matt_ Scam 2.jpg
Matt_ Scam 3.jpg
Scam 4.jpg
Scam 5.jpg

The client made the deposit before sending the measurements, even though I repeated the opposite order 3 times. The cost was about 20% cheaper than it was supposed to be.

Although client is very confusing and impolite, I couldn’t cancel the project due to a limitation of the platform we were working on.

I started to sketch the design and explained the workflow again, with examples.

Scam 6.jpg

After the following 2 rough sketches, he asked a refund, claiming “poor quality of work”. Client did not send the requested photos and, therefore, accurate mockups were still lacking by the way.


I explained the workflow again and sent more examples. As this is a collaborative work, client and I have to discuss and refine the design in order to achieve a great result.

Matt_ Scam 7.jpg

The client confirmed and I refunded his payment.

Considering the client knew my portfolio (he invited me after all) and was informed several times about my workflow, this was a scam or he really did not read the messages. Either way, it’s preferable to accept the financial loss than wasting time with whoever does not respect the work of professionals.

This kind of devaluation is the main reason some people end up with awful tattoos.